September 25, 2014

Fall Fun List

I guess we can officially say 
F A L L   is   H E R E
which for me means
more coffee

I absolutely LOVE fall and honestly wouldnt mind if it was Fall ten months out of the year, as long as I have two full months of Summer!

One of my favorite things to do is sit by a fire with friends.
Catch Marshmallows on Fire.
And chat the night away.

Last year one of my favorite fall memories was doing this with some awesome people from Epic! I miss my Florence friends and all of the fun times we had last year. 

Anyway, so this fall, here are a few things that I R E A L L Y want to mark off the
 Fall To Do List!

__Catch Marshmallows on Fire
__Go to the Greek Festival
__Go to a Carnival or Fair
__Bake Fall Treats
__Make my Own Fall Coffees
__Go to an AUBURN GAME
__O H M Y G A H go to every Hockey game physically possible
G O   B R U I N S
{obviously I most likely wont be going to Boston for a game...}
__Go see the Havoc Play a whole bunch!!!
__Explore Florence the last three weeks of Florence
__Downtown Cool Night Birmingham Adventures
__Have a crafty lazy saturday
__Have a cute new wall display
__Try not to go into depression when I send Gyp to Hawaii
__Keep kicking my own tail with Yoga & Barre
{I'm on a mission to my Hawaii Body}
__Plan for my SYNC Trip to Destin
__Plan for my Trip to H A W A I I
__Make lots and loads of new fun loving memories

Well that's my list. 
Pretty chill & simple, yet rewarding. 

Well I'm off for a little fun day that may or may not be full of a little surprise for someone.
Are you the one??!?!  Probably NOT but if you are, isn't it just your lucky day. 

Bye now

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