September 26, 2014

Pinterest & the "Hipsters"

Its f i n a l l y here!!!
I have been waiting three long long weeks for this day to get here.
It's going to be a very fun fun weekend my friends.
and don't you worry...there will be photos. Probably an overload of them. But you love them right??
I sure hope so.

So...I've been wanting to write about a few things from last weekends adventure.
The main thing is "PINTEREST"
|| Please note that I do realize the following paragraphs are solely my opinion, but this is my little space in the vast world of the internet, so if I can't voice my own valued opinion here, where else can I do so. ||

I want to start by saying for some people who just are not born with one single creative bone in their body, it might {and I highly emphasize MIGHT} be a good source for them to learn how they can achieve creativity without any effort. For the people who  |A R E|  born with natural God given talents to create, stay the heck OFF of pinterest.  Create things that are uniquely you, not some pinterest replica. This website {along with some others} gives you the perfect route to lose track of practicing your own creative thinking, creative processes, and creative problem solving. Sure, there is nothing at all wrong with researching and learning what other artists are creating. This is how we as artist stay inspired. Mainly, this is how new processes and mediums are founded. If artists only copy and duplicate each others techniques and styles, where is there room for experimentation? Where is there room for the next accidental creation? 
Get my point?? I sure hope so. 

So, I rant about pinterest to now get to the topic of last weekends Music Festival; 
the freaking CLOTHING.  "Festival Style" = every female dressed the exact same. 
I swear...If I saw another sunflower on an article of clothing, another floral head crown, or another little backpack purse with fresh flowers sticking out of the bag I thought I was going to vomit. 

{oh lookie there...I found a cookie cutter example.}
{p.s. I think this image is gorgeous!!! Oh if it were in B&W it would be stunning}
Also, please note that I, myself, DO own an article of clothing with flowers on them. I'm NOT saying you shouldn't own them.

Seriously ladies, I hate to break it to you but compared to the girl only wearing her high wasted shorts and fresh acrylic painted topless skin, you are not Hipsters. "Hipsters reject the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers, and are often seen wearing vintage and thrift store inspired fashions, tight-fitting jeans, old-school sneakers, and sometimes thick rimmed glasses. "  {please go read Urban Dictionary on Hipster...Its comical:)}
I would almost bet my life that your 'Hipster' clothing was mass produced within the last few months, shipped to America, and then stacked on shelves for your mainstream consuming selves to then purchase and portray that you do indeed live a Hipster lifestyle. 

Since the world of the internet has become at the very edge of every human beings fingertips, fashion has changed drastically. In the south, we have always been the 'last to know' kind of area. Our "in style" was most likely 'a few years ago style' in the big fashion capitals of our world. Prior to the explosion of the ||WWW||, CHOOSING to drool over the pages of Vogue instead of  drooling over my favorite boy bands on the cover of J-14 was the route to take if you were the teenage girl that truly just loved fashion. Even if that meant being a fish out the water in the south, I was okay with it because it allowed me that freedom to express myself as a creative. 

I've noticed over the past couple of years, if I am at an event, every girl is basically dressed 
 ---to a T--- the exact same as one another and it honestly drives me up that wall.  I blame the internet for this. Please friends, I challenge you to step outside of the 'Pinterest Style' box and for once in your life put the clothes on that you love, simply because you love them, NOT because some website said you should love them.  I make sure everyday that I am dressing to make myself happy for ME, even if that means wearing one pink sock and one striped purple sock; even if that means my wonderful beautiful mom shooting me a weird look, basically translating to "that does not go together!" which then translates to me as, "that does not follow southern belle fashion rules!"  Anywho....seriously, today dress for you!!!

That's all for now loves

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