August 1, 2014

Here it is...FINALLY, my changing LIFE!!

Hello There!! 
Today is the day that I feel like I can finally breath long enough to tell you the whirlwind that my life has been in these last couple of months.

Last year, God opened a door for me that at the time I had no idea would change the whole direction of my life. A family was put in my life that has blessed me more than I can even wrap my brain around, and I honestly don't even know if they realize how thankful I am that they are part of my life. 

Ever since college, I have always had a serious love for photography. I took as many photography classes that I could get into, I worked at a photography studio when I wasn't in class, every weekend I was out of town on shoots, and I had a pretty sweet internship with photographer, Robert Rausch who is so incredibly talented. However, I never realized at the time, that I did, absolutely 100% love photography. 

When I moved back to Florence I took a job working with my best friend. Yes I loved working with Francelina, loved the other employees, loved being back in Florence, but hated H A T E D the job. One day while I was working, I got a phone call from this girl named Hope that I worked with at the photography studio when I was in college.... Long story short, She worked for Faith Blessing Photography and they were looking for someone who could join their team. I wasn't looking for another job. I thought I would go meet Faith, and nothing would change. I wouldn't get/take the job and I would continue to work at PSI. God had other plans. A few other things panned out and finally after a few weeks, I decided to just go for it and take the job with Faith. 

After I started, a few months later, all of the employees had taken different paths in their life. Mattie started her dream job at Billy Reid and started back to classes and Hope started her dream path to animation and moved to Orlando. Me, Faith and another sweet lady, Dawn were the only ones left. So, over the past year, thats how its been. The three of us! Just me, Faith, and Dawn. You have no idea how close I have gotten to these women and I love them dearly. I said that super condensed story to get to THIS story. Back in February Dan and Faith decided they were going to move. Another long long long story condensed, after trying and trying to get to St. Augustine, Florida, where nothing would work out, God has opened every door flawlessly and they are now moving to HAWAII!!!!!  Dan will be opening up his fancy smancy ice cream company in MAUI. Good heavens, I honestly can't ever wrap my brain around it. Over the last month I have gotten to help Faith and Dan with a bunch of super awesome stuff for his new company. It has been a blast...those two together make me laugh so hard!!!

Yesterday was officially my last day to work at the Blessings House and working for Faith Blessing Photography. It's the most bitter sweet thing I have ever been through. YES, I am so so bummed out to not work with Faith day in and day out. But, we do have like 12 or so shoots in October so I have that to look forward to!! I love that lady more than she knows. We work so so so well together. We are a TEAM! But at the same time, I am so excited for them to start this new adventure as well as me starting my own.

As for me, and my job...after working for Faith, I knew immediately that there was NO WAY in the world I could work for anyone after having her as a boss. She was never a boss to me. She was my friend and my mentor. Thanks to Faith, I learned what I am passionate about. I learned that thing that is called work that never seems like work. Starting today I will be working soley for myself, from home. I am working for photographers retouching and designing for them. I also will still be working for Faith and Dan, just from Alabama...not from Hawaii. Thank the Good Lord!! I can't wait to go visit them and visit Dans Ice Cream shop!!! I really can't imagine life without them. My new work life, its the biggest dream come true. It's all I have ever wanted and it blows my mind to look back and see everything that God put in my life to help me learn and prepare for this. The last few months have been hard. Up until this last week my life has been basically nonexistent. I have been working 40 plus hours a week for Faith, and then coming home and working until the wee hours of the morning for other photographers, while I work on establishing a good client base for myself. It has been toughhhhh, but have loved every second of it!

I am an emotional wreck today. I just can't believe this is my life sometimes. 
Theres is still so much more to share with you, but I don't want to overwhelm you all in one post. Thanks for reading all of that. Maybe that will explain a little bit to you for me being so MIA lately on my little space here!

Happy FREAKING FRIDAY love birds.
It's going to be an amazing day...and holy heaven its AUGUST!!! Can't believe that!

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