August 5, 2014

Birmingham Adventure!!!

Hey Loves!!
If you missed it on Instagram, I let the news out that Gypsy & I started our FIVE MONTH ADVENTURE in Birmingham yesterday.

Its a rather lengthy story, but basically, I am taking really great care of gyp gyp for Faith & Dan for a while until everything is settled for Gypsy to go to Hawaii!!

I love Gypsy so much. YES! Enough to move cities for her. She's my little pal. And come on, look at that face! Can you blame me? I also just really love Faith & Dan and would do anything to help them out!

We, Gyps & I,  are loving being in the Ham so far. 
However, I am only two days in and I already miss Florence!

My last week in Florence until November was P E R F E C T. I couldn't have asked for a better one.

My First weekend back in Birmingham started off way FUN!
Saturday night was a BLAST! I celebrated my friend Melissa's 28th Birthday. We went to several different places in Birmingham, and just had a really relaxing and fun fun night. 

My friends here are wonderful, so that is one thing that I am excited to be in Birmingham for. 
And for completely obvious reasons such as my family!
But, many many more times like Saturday will be happening now that I am here for a while. 

I hope everyones week has started off pretty great!
I'm going to be honest, mine has been weird trying to adjust to being here at home all day and working from home. It is really strange! Anyway Im sure I will adjust eventually!

I'm ready for the weekend!!

Be back soon,

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