August 8, 2014

Downtown Adventure #1

Gypsy & I had our first adventure downtown last night.

We met up with one of my favorite ladies, Mel B!
 Gyp Gyp absolutely loved being out and about. 
We went to the art crawl and ended up at The Collins.

We walked around a bit, and we ended the night at Good People.

We stayed there for a while chatting with Mel B & Will!!
It was such a blast. Good Golly Miss Molly, I love love love being in this city. 
There is always neato stuff going on and always something to do and get involved in.
I was so proud of Gypsy for how she behaved. She was so precious and so good.
There wasnt a single person that would walk by her without petting her or complimenting on pretty she was. And of course she just soaked up all the attention. 

This is the first of many many many adventures over the next few months.
It's going to be a fun fun weekend friends {Minus the expected weather}
Bye now

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