July 29, 2014

Catch up!

It's been a fun last couple of days here. 
Just a quick catchup.
My beach trip was fantastic and I am absolutely 100% sure I have the best family on the planet!!

These are just a few of the photos from all of the fun. 
I seriously have the best family anyone could wish for!
I'm so bummed though that I don't have one single photo of my dad and I. 

This week has been a weird week so far. A lot of changes are going on in my work world. It's too much to get into for this post. But, I promise I will talk about it when the time is right. It's just a lot right now, and I've been feeling just a little bit overwhelmed with everything hitting me all at once.
It's all GOOD-FANTASTIC-INSANE changes. But just a tad overwhelming at the moment. 
But lucky for me, I've had a few nights since Sunday of good conversation, lots of smiles and lots of laughs keeping me sane.

I hope your week is going GREAT....after tomorrow, it's all downhill to the weekend, right?
Lets hope so!!!

I'm off to get some serious work conquered.
Bye now,

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