August 14, 2014

Asking & Wanting

Hi hi!!
"I shifted from asking to receive something, and hoping it would be granted, to simply declaring my desire in all honesty. I immersed myself in the wanting, not the asking, not the pleading, not the striving, just the very pure wanting. It was the only thing I could verify. It was the only thing I could be sure of."

If I want something, I go after it. But what would be the point if you didn't completely believe you can obtain it. I think the driving force is desire. For me, I want to explore every facet of my ONE life. 

 I don't by any means think that we have complete control over every tiny detail of our lives, but I do believe that to some extent we do have enough control to determine the direction that our lives take. For me at this moment I am declaring so much in my life and truly believing in it. I hope you can do the same...or at least give it a try!!!

It's Thursday friends, which means its almost the WEEKEND!!!Bye now, bB***

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