August 17, 2014

Gypsy Adventure TWO & THREE

Hey Hey!!!
I've had a fun week. Working from home and for myself is so fun.
Making my own schedule is great. Like Wednesday for example, is my mom's Birthday, So I will be spending most of the day with her celebrating!! However that also means that most likely I will be up half the night catching up on what I missed.

Here are a few photos from my week.

Gyps & I had not just one, but T W O fun adventures this week.
I think we are going to make it an every Thursday sort of thing to go downtown with Melissa. Eat outside on some restaurant patio, and chat away while people oooo & ahhh over Gypsy Marie.

Look at the precious little FACE. gah She kills me.
Thursday was a good good day all around. 
I worked hard and got new clients...SCORE! 
My favorite part of Thursday was seeing J and hearing a little bit about his adventure in Europe. 
Ohh that boy....

This past Thursday, we met Mel B downtown. Walked around a bit, then ended up at SLICE! If you live in Bham and haven't been to Slice, please...just go.
It's so great and the atmosphere is perfect. 

This week, I got my new addition to my So Worth Loving Tee Collection. My collection is growing rather large and I am totally 100% okay with that. 

Friday night was spent at Rojo. Avondale. and Jclyde.
I have realized over this week that, I MISS MISS MISS Florence on Week Nights. Its such a week night place. But I LOVE Birmingham on the weekends. Bham weekend nights are absolutely the best and there are so so so many places to spend them.
As long as you are surrounded by some of your greatest friends, you're good to go. Or if you aren't surrounded by your greatest friends, Birmingham is such a friendly place, that I'm sure you're bound to make some new ones....just talk to someone!!

Saturday was Adventure number TWO of the week for Gypsy!!
We took a road trip to Starkville  Mississippi for Bid Day at MSU.
Sweet Precious Beautiful Little baby sister Reisa went Chi O.
I really can't even believe she is in college!!!!!

Cheers to a freaking good week!!
Although things are different, and its all coming at me all at once, its taking some time to digest and adjust to all of it. But overall, I am absolutely in love with the life that I am blessed with.

When I start to blog and see all of my fun photos from just one single week, I really realize how I take so much for granted sometimes and don't realize truly how great of a fun life I really do have. 

Bye for now loves

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