April 15, 2014


The Best boss ever award definitely goes to FAITH BLESSING!
My new necklace just makes me smile and reminds me of so many things. 

"Capture Life Creatively"
It reminds me of L I F E and how beautiful it is. 

It reminds me that I am a creator. It's the gift that God so graciously gave me. My creativity is one of the things that I am so incredibly thankful to have been blessed with. I've said it in posts before, but it makes me so humbled to think about the God who 
C R E A T E D the entire universe chose to give me a small piece of that same type of creativity. It's the coolest thing to think about. 

It reminds me that I shouldn't take the small moments for granted, that I should cherish every second of every moment because they all lead to great great things, whether we see it instantly or in the future.

and last but certainly not least it reminds me of sweet Faith! Gah I love that lady. She is a real gem. It will remind me of her and all of the things I have learned and how much I have grown while I've been working for her. 

What about your boss? Are they as sweet and cool as mine? I doubt it.

Night loves

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