February 27, 2014

YES! Celebration.

It's my F R I D A Y loves.
I'm pretty much over-the-the-moon and back about it. And the icing on the cake is that Raeghan will be here when I get off and will be here until MONDAY! How amazing is that. We went an entire weekend without seeing each other which hasn't happened in almost two months. So glad she's back in my life so stinking much.

Tonight we are heading to Nashville for a little fun. H O C K E Y. 
There's a special reason that I bought these tickets for us. 
I bought them for a Valentines Day gift to us simply because I am proud of the women that we have grown into. Yes, we are both single but I didn't buy them on the Lovey Dovey day just to make ourselves feel better, the reason is so much more than just that fact. There is no reason at all to mope around on Valentines Day just because you don't have anyone to share that day with. WE DO!! There are SO many people to love on every single day. 
Raeghan and I both have chosen to live our lives by the word of God and stay true to Purity.
Despite how difficult and frustrating it can be, we know that God is so much stronger than any desire that we could ever feel. I know that waiting on my guy, the perfect guy, will be completely worth the wait, the frustration and sometimes even a lot of heartache. 

I've figured out over the last year that there are so many more things in this life to focus on other than finding my guy. For me, it can be a trust issue with God sometimes and it can be really easy to wonder why I'm doing everything the right way, and still he isn't showing up. 
I trust and know God has someone amazing for me and his plan is all I want for my life. 

So, this is what our weekend is all about. Celebrating that fact that God has given us both the strength and his perfect wisdom to stay true to the vow that we have made. It is something to be proud of and I am!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!!!


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