February 24, 2014

weekend recap

hey hey hey!!
How was your weekend?? Too short?
YES mine too...always.

Let's see to recap my weekend, I went to Huntsville for a fun Saturday with MM!!! We just talked the whole way about wedding stuff and the Bride :) It was great to spend time with Mary Mac. Things have been so busy lately that I hardly ever see them. 

We had fun. Did a little shopping and MM racked up on wedding weekend clothing! 

Sunday, I spent time with my church family back on the bike trails at Wildwood. We cleared off more trails to make it easier for bikers. Such a fun time getting to know people.

I also got in a g r e a t workout on Sunday. The gym was dead. no one was in there at all until I had about 20 minutes or so left of my workout. It was awesome...so Sunday is obviously the day to go if you just want to be alone!

Tonight, Frances and I had our typical Monday night Hot Tea date. We go to the gym, kill ourselves, then relax over good convos, venting, ranting, laughing, and chatting all while sipping on some of the best tea!! Love love loveeeee Frances. We have the B E S T friendship on the planet I do believe.

Tomorrow, Francelina and I are doing a little bit of modeling for Audie Mescal. Its at an event at the Marriott, but just to be honest, I don't even know what the events for and who all is involved. haha. I just know I am wearing an oh so adorable dress!! Too bad my legs are WHITE! yikes. oh well. 

I'm off for some early bed time....gym super duper early in the morning. 
Bye now, 

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