February 11, 2014

Full Service + Nashville

Hey. Well by now, you must know that Sunday is clearly my favorite day of the week. I love my church family and I love spending any time with them that I can!

We all went to Wildwood Park in downtown Florence and worked on the Bike Trails. We trimmed the trees, raked leaves, had FUN, and formed lots of new relationships. I love that Raeghan has been coming and just fit right in with the crew. It's been such a blast having her here. We laughed the entire time we worked. Will taught Raegy how to drive the four-wheeler and as soon as we were about to take it for a spin, it was taken from us :( We worked from like 9 until around 1ish! It was so fun working and knowing that although it seemed small, it definitely will impact the people who walk/run/bike these trails everyday! So rewarding knowing that. It was fun to actually BE THE CHURCH outside of four walls, just how its supposed to be!

After we worked Raeghan and I went with Will to Panera...for the third time of the weekend haha. So we had a nice lunch, went home and actually decided that we were indeed going to Nashville later that afternoon to meet up for dinner with my friend Zac.

The drive to Nashy was...well interesting. We listened to GREAT worship music the whole drive. We talked. We made up worst-case scenario stories. We had our first Road Trip with just the two of us. AND Raeghan had never been to Nashville, so that only made it more exciting!

After we met Zac, we went and got Sushi. That was also a first for Raeghan! I'm not sure if she will ever eat it again, but she did try it! After dinner we took her downtown to explore a little and we listened to some music.

It was a GREAT night. I laughed the entire night. Zac is hilarious. So much fun and completely worth the drive even if it was for just a few hours. Can't wait to go back....to see the Preds.

Hope you all had a fun weekend!!!
P.S. Its snowing in Florence. UGH. Hate it. I want my HOT sunny weather. 

Bye Now

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