January 5, 2014

Nashville FUN

Hi hi!! 
Just got home from Nashy a few hours ago. First of all, I l o v e d more than anything being around the three ladies I went with. I loved getting to know them a little more.

Faith is honestly the sweetest person I have ever met. I am beyond beyond beyonnnnnd grateful to have her as a boss. Can't even believe sometimes that God, once again, has put the perfect people in my path. Blows my mind. 

Dawn, who is also a sweetie is HILARIOUS. She's reminds me a whole lot of my Meme and let me just say that in itself is a gigantor compliment. I loved hearing about her daughters and their love stories. haha! 

Mattie is seriously a GEM. We are so much alike its kind of creepy.  She loves fashion and Jesus.
and honestly....what more do you need in life? Just kidding! We really do have very very similar lifestyles and beliefs and I can just tell she is such a light to people.

I absolutely loved every second of getting to know these ladies.

We had a lot of fun shopping in Nashville. oh, except for that moment in Victoria's Secret when it was eight million degrees with eight million people throwing underwear everywhere because it was 75% off. We went to some great stores. For some reason though I didn't have too much luck. I bought one top from F21 {wearing above}, a new makeup bag, and a nice new adorable tea pot and fresh Strawberry & Peach Champagne Tea from Teavana. 

The regret of the shopping trip was not buying this top from Free People. 
I W A N T....seriously? what was I thinking? Ah clearly I wasn't. 
Mattie got the most perfect pieces from FP. They looked adorable on her. unfortunately I didn't snag a picture. Maybe when she wears it, she can send me one to show! SO PERFECT!

We not only shopped well, we ate well. We went to Brick Tops on the way in to Nashville. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory {and shopped while we waited, SCORE!} This morning we went to The Pfunky Griddle which was really a fun place to people watch! haha.

Calling this weekend a wrap feeling insanely blessed and grateful.
I sure hope you are feeling the same. 
If not, sending love your way.

Bye for now,

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