January 7, 2014


YallI I had SO much fun shopping in Nashville.
My favorite purchase was my awesome new tea pot
and TEA!

This is NOT my new tea pot....mine is the glazed color of the cup below! The one above is from the asian restaurant I had dinner at tonight.

The tea I got is amazing. Frances and I had some tonight while we caught up on shows and caught up on our lives since we dont see each other every single day like we used to! I miss that crazy gal.

We have been going to a new gym this week since our sweet instructor has been in recovery. Bless that sweet ladies heart. 
The new place is T O U G H though. I have been so sore the past two days. I can already tell though I LOVE this gym. Its a whole lot like what I was used to back at home. 

I cant believe tomorrow is already Wednesday.
Im ready for the weekend....although I have SO much I need to do around my little space I call home. I need to CLEAN all weekend!! A L L WEEKEND.
Its ridiculous but I have not been home at all to do anything. I absolutely must make time to do so.

Im off to bed for now though. I had a really rough time getting out of bed this morning and it really had a negative impact on the rest of my day. Well up until workout and tea time of course. haha


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