January 9, 2014


HI Ya!!!

So tonight ^^^^ Thats me. 
My poor mom asked me one question and I just couldnt deal. Thanks momma for letting me cry. Thanks for listening and talking me through things. I'm so thankful for you. 

Making changes can be really stinking tough sometimes. They SUCK! It's no fun at all. But I've figured out that instead of laying in it and suffocating, you just have to do a little SELF celebration and a little bit of joy spreading.

Here are a few things that can easily lift your spirits. Try them and I PROMISE you, the joy you spread will be returned to you. Here are the tricks!

Smile at People.
This is the main thing I need to work on. I don't smile nearly enough. There are however a few people that make me smile so much my cheeks hurt. Do you know anyone like that? that just put the biggest smile on your face? I want to be one of those people in other peoples lives.

Be Kind.
Be generous. Be considerate. Be warmhearted. Be caring. Be Affectionate. Be personable. Just be Kind. 

Hug People.
I love hugs.  I love giving them. I love receiving them. PERIOD. Just do it. 

Compliment Others.
Give people compliments. GENUINE Compliments. Be truthful. Be honest. You never know what someone has been through. One simple compliment can go a really long way in impacting someones confidence. 

Acknowledge People
Please for heaven sake acknowledge people. If you make eye contact with someone acknowledge their existence! Just a simple "hi" or smile can go a really long way. 

Think before you speak. Speak life into people. Speak light. Speak positive, never negative. 

Be Thoughtful.
Do someone a favor without any expectations of something in return. Ask someone if they need help. Carry someones groceries. Buy someone a drink. For me, my favorite is sending a handwritten note and sending it snail mail!

Try these few things out. PROMISE you will feel joy. 
There is no need at all to suffocate in your own pity party. It doesn't do or change anything at all. So just DONT.

Here's to you and a very happy & beautifully blessed life.

Bye for tonight.

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