January 26, 2014


Hi Love!
It's my favorite day of the week. Yes...I love Sundays so very much. I go to bed every sunday night with the happiest heart on the planet I do believe. 

I have a few videos from the weekend & a few photos. WHY do the weekends insist on zooming by? They need to s l o w i t d o w n. Anyway, here's a glimpse into my weekend so far. Enjoy!

Gosh I love these people. I L O V E them so much and am super thankful for all of them.

Here's the rundown of everything you just saw 
{Friday lunch break with Gypsy. That pupster is such a sweeeeeetie!}
{Pauly P being a weirdo in his hoodie}
{Selfie Saturday?}
{Me harassing Raeghan with my videoing}
{Lounging at the Movies seeing Frozen}
{EchoBase Worship Night with the GREATEST friends on the planet}

 Clearly my weekend has been really wonderful & we still have one day left until its back to the work grind. 

Today is baptism Sunday! At Epic, baptism isn't just a typical baptism service. It's a full out PARTY, like serious PARRRRTYYYY! So pumped for today. If you're in the shoals area, come out and hang! 11am this morning or come catch the 6pm service with me in Decatur!!! Dare ya;)

How was your weekend?  Feel free to share away!

Bye now,

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