December 23, 2013


So I've been completely missing here on my little blog space. I've never gone longer than what TWO days without's been FIVE! I think I might hyperventilate over that. 

I'm SORRY. Feeling like a slacker, BUT it's been insanely crazy the past few days. I've been getting Christmas stuff together. Making things. Spending time with people I love and making sure I don't miss out on any great memory making.

Here are a few photos of all of the fun I've been having. 
{Frannie Mae Roaring in her new workout gear}
{Red Lips for the Holidays}
{Mel B in Flotown having FUN}
{Chris & Melissa Bham friends I love DEARLY}
{I lost...BAD}{Amaretto-love}{housewarming}

So here's the rundown of my weekend! First of all it was a BLAST from start to the very last second of it. 

So lets start backwards. Sunday to Friday?!!? Keep you on your toes a little bit ;)
Sunday night I went over to the Adam's house. Spent time with Mary Mac, the kiddies, Lydia and Frances. We did know the usual. FAB stuff.
Mary Mac gave me my AWESOME stocking. She gave me so many nail goodies. She knows me so well.

Sunday Morning I wet to church and served on Black market. I am so incredibly thankful for the church that God has placed me in. I couldn't be more thankful, happy, grateful, ecstatic, excited about they people he has brought into my life. I love them. so. flippin. much. 

Saturday as a whole was NON STOP.
Late Saturday night Justin and I went to hear The Bear play at 116 Mobile. They are so good. We took a walk for a drink and it came a torrential down poor on the walk back. Soaked from head to toe. My hair was sopping wet. But it was so fun at the same time haha. I love my BBAndJBhangs always a good time. Before that I went and help set up for the sunday church service! The first time we have had TWO services at the Florence Location. L O V E L O V E L O V E
I also went to sweet Harpies first birthday party. He wanted to party it up at the Casa Mexicana. He had a Sock Monkey party! What a cutie pie. Before the party Frances and I exchanged gifts...Thats where the awesome picture of her in all of her NEW workout gear comes in. hahahaa she was flippin over all of the goodies I got her! So glad she loved it. and of course had to get her a Katy shirt. GAH love my best friend so so much. seriously couldnt have hoped, wished, asked, for any better of a bestie.

Saturday I spent most of the day baking my Christmas Goodies and locking myself out of my apartment...with no car keys! No fun. Frances and Lydia Rescued me.

Friday night I had friends from Birmingham come and stay. I took them to Ricatonis. After dinner we went to my apartment and played a few games. Then we went out and listened to some music. We watched people make fools of themselves. We laughed, took pictures, danced, and had the BEST freaking time! Such a fun time.

So as you might be able to tell...I've been BUSY. but loving every second of it. 
Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS EVE!! spending time with the fam is my FAVORITE thing to do. So thankful for them and to have everyone here another year. 

Night for now

P.S. I vow to never go MIA for five days ever again...

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