December 18, 2013

Print Love

Hi There!!!
I've been browsing through a bunch of prints.
Different very very different types of prints.
But my favorites list has been piling up f a s t, So I figured I would share a few of them with you!

Thats SIX of a whole-freaking-lot of prints.
I love keeping a collection of things like this so I can refer back to them if I ever need anything for inspiration. Also, looking over different styles and types of prints is a really great way for me to merge styles together and come up with something unique and fresh.

I LOVE it.
We've made it to Wednesday and CHRISTMAS is exactly ONE SINGLE WEEK away!
Fun times ahead my friends.

OH p.s. I have Bham friends coming into town Friday night. I am pretty ecstatic about it. 
There will be fun photos while they are here.

Bye for now,

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