December 9, 2013

Frannie & Brents Couples Shower {that was really just a huge Party}

So….I might have just about posted my TOP TWO for the week. Yeah that totally happens on Tuesdays, NOT Mondays. I swear ever since Thanksgiving my days have been SO off track. I can't even keep up!

So I have a cool Top Two Post but it will have to wait until Tomorrow;) But there is a sneak just to tickle your fancy! haha

So here are the photos from the party that I promised you.
I LOVE my sweet bestie and her future hubs. Love celebrating them. Love being a part of their big day. Love knowing that I will already have a room at their future house. Love that they love me third wheeling it with them. Love them SO freaking much. 

FAB always & forever.

Cutest Patents on the planet…yep MINE!

Sweet Daddy-o

Pretty Momma

Cutest Pupster!!! OMG I died.

The Groom!!!

The Bride (and Mom)

France & I have the COOLEST moms in the world. AND the two of them together are tooooo much!

Love love love my Francelina so much. She's such a blessing to my life and I am Beyond thankful to have her as my best friend! 

So, as you can see…Mary Mac sure knows how to throw a party. It was SO much fun and so many great people came. Loved every second of it.

Hope you enjoyed my photos.
Be back tomorrow with that TOP TWO I mentioned
Bye now,

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