December 10, 2013

TOP TWO with a special Guest!

Hey…So just to make sure, it is TUESDAY right?! 
Tonight I can actually, finally post my Top Two that I obviously wanted SO badly to post yesterday!

My good friend Justin {yes the guy up there ;)} helped me out on this one. 

The past few days he's been showing me a couple of REALLY cool companies. So I thought well dang, since he knows so many awesome companies he can just help a friend out & pick out the Top Two for the week. Plus its good to get a guys point of view sometimes right? 

Here are Justin's Picks from CAMP BRAND GOODS
Umm…its NAVY
& this company's logo is BAD A!
I'm obsessed with it!

{Grey + well thats all…its GREY thats all it need to be for me to LOVE it!}

So Justin did pretty GREAT at picking out awesome pieces right?!? I think so!
{here are links to two of my faves…. 1 & 2 and a BONUS}

I absolutely l o v e having friends that share things they love with me. It makes blogging so much fun. And I really really love when THEY bring it up with little comments like, "Hey, you can blog about it later." It seriously warms my heart. I guess after what SIX or longer years its okay to become a little bit emotionally attached to something.

Hope you enjoyed this new view on Top Two. Stop by Camp Brand Goods and check out their Brand!
Thanks Justin for being super cool :)

Bye now

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