December 8, 2013

A Freaking BLESSED Weekend

Saturday was one of the most FUN and RELAXING Saturdays I've had in a while. I loved every decimal of a second of it. 

I spent the entire day with people that mean a whole lot to me and make my days so happy.

My parents were in town for the day but had to rush home to take care of my sweet bubba who had been hit by the disgusting tummy bug. Poor Bubba. So after they left I got dressed and went to Rivertown to sip on coffee, warm up from the FREEZING weather, catch up on emails that had piled up over the busy week, and plan ahead for this week! Justin joined me a little bit after I had been there. We chatted. Talked about cool brands and some other things. Then we hit up the Panera since RT was out of those delicious Bran muffins that I love so much. was FOOTBALL time. Justin is from Springfield, Missouri soooo naturally he is a Mizzou fan. Sad enough for him, his team lost and the AU tigers won. Weagle Weagle ;)

This is one of the greatest souls I know. Just saying.

After the game...and a few nerf wars between The guys Shay and Emi, we decided to give a new Pizza Place in DT Florence a Try. The Pie Factory. The food was good and the place was a Great atmosphere, BUT I think there were a few things they should have perfected before opening. But overall it was a great place! Lets hope they work out all of the new business kinks soon so it will stay super cool. 

Had a blast spending time with these ladies. They are gems. Don't think they know how much I love that they are in my life. 

Paul & Will were there too...I just didn't creep any pictures of them. So sorry guys. Just know I love you none the less. <3

This afternoon I got to spend time with my new boss, Faith. She and I went to Sugarplum Marketplace. She did some Christmas Shopping and I walked out with a little Jar of Pepper Jelly! YUM. It was the only thing I think I couldnt live without.

This weekend was SO needed and I loved it so much. I have the greatest friends anyone could hope for. I do NOT take their friendship for granted. I am super thankful for each one of them. 

P.S. I got Some WONDERFUL photos from Frannie Mae & Brentys Coulpes shower...that was totally a big extravagant AWESOME party. The best party ever! So fun. Love you sweet couple!!!  I will post photos tomorrow.

I am ending the day with a little bit of Panther Football. Lets GO Panthers!
Bye now

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