December 31, 2013

2013 favorite memories

Its on this day every single year that I realize HOLY SCHIKEY I had an amazingly BLESSED year!!! Its also on this day every year that I am super thankful for all of the photos I snap over the year. I've made so many memories during 2013 and all of my photos make my heart incredibly happy to look at. 

Walking out of work yesterday, we were joking around about the year. We all made the comment that 2013 was definitely NOT our favorite year of our lives. It wasn't. It hasn't. and now its over with. Just quickly thinking about 2013 I'm immediately B L A H about it. I feel like I didnt accomplish anything. I didnt help anyone. I didnt do anything for the good. I didn't move forward in anything I just was STUCK the whole year it seems. Until just recently. Thank GOD he has the big picture of my life and knows what is ahead. That's EXACTLY why I trust him with everything. However after looking back through my pictures I quickly realized that I obviously take things for granted. I've had an absolutely i n c r e d i b l e year.

I had trip after trip after trip, Florida, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, etc. 
God put me in a church that has changed my entire view on people and life as a whole, 
I got settled into my own little place here, 
 God gave me a brand new group of friends that mean more to me than anything,
 I got to spend a good amount of time with J. Not as much as  I would love, but ill gladly take whatever time with him I can get.
I Handyfested hard! 
My BEST FRIEND got flipping ENGAGED. 
I was MAID OF HONOR for my two best friends at the SAME TIME. whoaaaa! 
Lyssa Lou got married to the man of her dreams.
 I got to see the Auburn Tigers play.
 I saw John & Jacob play a lot! 
Had lots of Family time! 
I was gifted my absolute favorite striped shirt. 
I got to be Zorro for a night. 
I got a new oil changing and weekend music listening pal. 
I worked my tush off with my best friend at PSI
I got offered a new job that I am head over heels about. 
I got lots of Adam family time. 
I went to the rockin-est Christmas Party ;)
My bham friends came and stayed in Flo with me!
SO many good good good things happened in 2013 and I am ashamed for a second I thought otherwise. 

SO excited though to see where I go in 2014!!!

I'm off to Huntsville for a celebration with my best friend and lots of other people!

Bye now, 


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful year (after looking back and reflecting on it). :) So many cool things happened in your life this past year! I hope your 2014 is amazing!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Your photos are great! We were just in Huntsville a few weeks ago. Such a great city!