November 1, 2013

W e e k END. YES finally the work week has almost ENDED

I am SUPER happy, ecstatic, thankful, over-the-moon that it is f r i d a y !
I live live live for the weekends. Not wishing my life away or anything ;) Today thought, more so than other Fridays, I am SUPER stoked because I have special visitors this weekend.

This cute girl is coming to tour the University of North Alabama.
Can't believe she is about to be in College. It makes me feel o l d lady-ish.
Anyway, this girl is probably the sweetest girl I know. love her to the moon and back. I want her to go to UNA so bad. She will live with me and I can spoil her:) 

My awesome auntie & unc are coming too.
Who knows what we will get into tonight. It's First Friday so there is a LOT going on downtown. 

Happy WEEKEND my dears. What are your plans?!
Share away.

Bye now

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