November 13, 2013

Secret Shoe Obsessions

On Wednesdays I usually share something creative and typically its a recipe. This week however, I am going to be moving the share for tomorrow. I just couldn't hold off on these beauties....
Yes Yes & Yes
All of these are absolutely wonderful. {p.s. both of the booties have a secret wedge hidden inside of the boot}
In the winter is when I really get shoe hungry.
I guess because my tiny feet stay super cold in the winter. Thats the only thing I can come up with. Or maybe I just like shoes a whole whole lot.
My nanny has the same I'll say its genetics.

I am SO glad its Wednesday.
I have a FUN. SUPER INSANELY BUSY weekend ahead. Engagement Shoot with Frannie Mae & Brent. Then its off to Bham for the Bridesmaids Luncheon for Lyssa Lous wedding. Weddings weddings weddings...everyyyyywherrreeeee. 
and then Sunday, sad to be missing my epic family unfortunately I have inventory but will DEFINITELY be going to the decatur service!!

Come on weekend....get here quick!

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