November 11, 2013

Layer Weather

Hi hi!
This time of year can be pretty tricky to get dressed for. You can't dress too warm or you will end up sweating to death {not the most chic look} however, if you dont dress warm enough you end up freezing all day!
Here's how to solve that problem....LAYERS!!!!
Here's a quick STYLISH outfit for you to start with.
A simple sleeved dress {of course in Grey;) i can't resist}.

Knee Socks {with theses EXACT boots...OMG Im obsessed!}

This Blazer
and last but certainly not least...a cute warm cozy scarf.
All of these pieces, well except the socks and the dress can be taken off throughout the day incase you get too warm!
All of these are GREAT pieces to have because they can really be put with anything else you already have in your wardrobe.
Now play away and find things you can layer.


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