November 4, 2013

Rae Rae Love!

Hi Hi Hi!!!

Today is a very special little lady's BIRTHDAY.
WHOA MAMA! It's her TWENTIETH Birthday. Seriously?!?! 20?! Unreal.

Me and Rae Rae have the BEST memories together. THE BEST
This is one of my favorites. She came to the beach with me one summer...I think two years ago. She had just graduated High School. We had so so sooo much fun!

Even though both of our lives are crazy busy and we hardly ever talk or get to see each other she will always know that I am here for her anytime and will do absolutely anything for her. Like go to the moon and back anything. She KNOWS that. 

I love you my sweet baby sister.

{P.S. She's the one that officially gave me the family nickname BB}

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