October 13, 2013


I just had an INSANE vision for my new series of paintings.

In the middle of 2011, right before my 23rd Birthday, I was really hurt by someone who I trusted with everything in me. I was completely blindsided and never saw it coming. If I'm being completely transparent right now, that situation had a lot more of an effect on me than I ever played out. I'm pretty good at pushing things to the back of my mind and pretending they didn't exist.

The previous five years before that, I had been at the TOP of my creativity level and I felt like I was just beginning. Those five years prior I had spent in the company of this person while I was creating, creating, creating. He saw my work from conception to birth and I thought he was my number one fan...and at the time, I know he truly was. No question. But people change, people grow apart. We had done both.

Since then, I have been in this struggle with creativity. I guess somewhat as a defense mechanism, I had put up a block, scared to be back at that place that I was. You know a "creativity-block" just like "writers-block" that you hear writers talk about. Artists have that same problem every once in a while. I read something the other day that said, "When life sucks, don't pretend that it doesn't - but make sure the sucky-ness has a limited shelf life." Just what I needed to read. The shelf life of this Creativity-Block is WAY out of date and is being thrown out. I've been reading, digging, and burying my head in inspiration and I am finally reaping the benefits of those late nights and early mornings. {thankthelord} I feel like my creativity pot is boiling now and soon will be bubbling over. This is who I used to be. The Brianna that I know. That I am. 

Here are a few things that are at the top of my ways to stay inspired list:
. Share your smile, and most likely you will get one back in return . make eye contact . cook . write an inspiring word, then write your own definition of that word . have a pen pal, or two or three . be kind and help, share, give, motivate others . be confident . Surround yourself with like minded {creative} people or just some very good company for that matter . and make fried pickles with them .

Thanks for stopping by and STAY INSPIRED. 

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