September 22, 2013

Live for the weekend? No never.

Hey Lovelies!
Who has been MIA? This girl! So sorry. I've been BUSY
Not a good enough excuse huh?!?

So THURSDAY night...I was super bummed out I missed J play in Tuscaloosa. But his super great sister Jenna, was awesome enough to send me pictures and videos! Pretty cool huh? I think so;)
I had to miss the show because I was in Huntsville helping style models for the Alabama Fashion Alliance Fashion Weekend. It was such a blast and the girls looked gorgeous! Here a few snaps of them.

It was a fun drive for me. I LOVE driving and riding in the car. Some people think thats crazy, but whatever floats your boat right? 

Just a GREAT reminder from SWL. 
Hope your weekend was wonderful!
Lets kick this week in the tail...I have a beach trip to go on Thursday and I'm pretty stoked to go and celebrate my life long best friend and her last few weeks of being a BACHELORETTE!!!

Tootles for now loves

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