September 16, 2013

Florence FUN!

Hey hey there. This passed weekend my family came in town for a visit and it was SO much fun. My mom, dad, nanny & paw came and stayed with me. Friday night when they got in town we went out for mexican. It was so delish. 

Saturday Morning I took them to Rivertown and we had some coffee! Then we went out to McFarland Park. We saw the replicas of the Nina & Pinta and enjoyed being out in the somewhat fall feeling weather! It was such a blast! We LOVED it. and my nanny & Paw had never been out there before.

Here are a few photos...enjoy!

See how much fun we had! haha I love my momma;) I hated my little broseph wasn't there to have fun with us.

So this week on the plate I have a lot of fun. business. work. school. piled up high! Lets hope this work week goes by FAST!

Bysie for now loves.

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