September 14, 2013

Busy Week!

Hi there...Okay so my apologies for being non-existent for the past FOUR days. I've been so incredibly busy and staying out way too late. NO GOOD when its time to get up!

This week has been so much fun...much better than I thought it was going to be. My best gal pal is out of town enjoying some R&R, so I thought I was going to have a pretty rough week at work...I still have Monday to get through but I know it will be okay! I am definitely ready for my partner in crime to back so we can get back to all of that wedding planning!!!

Speaking of.... Last weekend when Frances & I were in Huntsville, we had to do a tad bit of Retail Therapy. So here are few photos of some Favorites we saw along the way.

All from either J Crew, or Anthro. Gah we could have gotten in so much trouble. But we were SO good!!! Didn't spend tooooo much money and we had so much fun though.

My family is in town this weekend and are staying with me. We are having a BLAST.
How is your weekend? Hope its fantastic!!!

I'm off to get the Pawpaw some breakfast. Quick story about him... HE LOVES BACON. I HATE bacon. It smells up the WHOLE house and I can't STAND smelling like food. This morning the first thing he says is, "where's the bacon smell?" I was like wont be finding that smell here. Just messing with him though. I would make him Bacon...only if he at Turkey Bacon. 

Anyway.... Thats my story for the day. Off to get him some breakfast before he dies over. 

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