May 5, 2013

weekend snappies

Here's a quick rundown of the fun photos.
1. My life long friend Mattie B cooked me dinner Friday. We haven't had a chance to hang out in a good while. We usually just have quick phone convos once every other week about our love lives (or lack there of in my case). So Friday it was nice to hangout for a while and catchup actually in person rather than a five minute phone convo. 
2. Mattie B again. Thanks for dinner and COFFEE!!!!
3. CAN I SAY LOVE. So one of my other LIFE LONG friends Heather (or Spencer Lee-Lee as I like to call her) was in town from Cali. I HATE HATE HATE her living all the way across the freaking country. It's not okay. Why? Because her precious baby boy is growing like a weed and I'm having to miss it all. That's seriously NOT okay with me at all. One weekend while Heather was in town and pregnant with Jude, I kept that sweet baby fueled up with so much pineapple I'm surprised heathers face didn't have a yellowish glow. Anyway, I had lunch with Heather, Jude, her hubs, and her sister Brittany. It was SO great seeing Spencer Lee Lee. Jude is p r e c i o u s and I want yall back bama. ASAP
5 Today was little Katie Bugs Birthday party!!! It was a fun time. I got her the cute little kitty in the photo. You doodle on the kitty then you can wash it in the washing machine and its a brand new canvas for little bug to draw all over again!
6. Birthday Girl again!!!!
7. Tonight my friend Erica, who will be competing in the Miss Alabama Pageant in June, had a fun practice night for her talent and HUGE group of kiddies all came out to watch and support her! FUN night.

how was your weekend?!?

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