May 2, 2013

Fun FUN!

Hi  hi  hiiii
Tomorrow I go home for a quick trip to Atlanta.
In between Here and ATL I will get to see my dad. Brother. one of my best friends Heather. and her sweet baby Jude. Then I'm off to ATL! FUN trip with GREAT great people!!!

I'm going to miss my florence friends though.

Tonight was fun hanging with the epic kiddos.
I love these new people! They're cool.

Who's happy for F R I D A Y?
This gal.


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Becky K said...

this looks so fun! i love the video too!! i'm sooo ready for summer those slushies look delicious.

also wanted to let you know i nominated your blog for a liebster award since you are one of my favorite up and coming bloggers that i follow! details here: