May 28, 2012

New Project!

Hi! Sooo I have a new project in the planning process.

I will be creating a new Sofa Bed. It's going to be a really FUN, as well as a trial & error project. But none the less it will  be done.

and I will be getting this guy to help me.

Or to be completely HONEST, he will do all of the physical construction. I will be sewing fabric and fitting it to wooden frames. I also will be the creative behind it, as well as the 'project manager!'

Not going to lie, I am ECSTATIC about starting.

I'm on the hunt for some foam slabs. The entire width of the completed bed will be 72in. And one thing I've noticed, foam isn't the cheapest of materials. boo hoo. You know what a thrifty shopper I am. But, also, you know that once I get something in my head, I pretty much won't give it a rest until I accomplish it or make it happen. 

If I can't find reasonable foam, the plan is to figure something else the words of Mr. Tim Gunn, "Make it Work!"

I am having a little bit of a rough time picking the fabric! Ohhh Slow down Brianna. One step at a time. I better stay on track for now after the foam! I'll get back to the fabric! But in the mean time...if you have any fabric suggestions, please do share!

Tootles for now loves


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