May 29, 2012

Love Culture Top Two Tops

Hey hey hey there.

It's time for this weeks top two! Before I get to top two, I want to give you a small rundown of how my week has been thus far. I know it's only Tuesday, but it is somewhat going by slloooowwwww. I think the reason it seems like its creeping by, is because I am anxiously waiting for the end of the week because that means it is FINALLY BEACH TIME!

Friday after work I am getting my hair colored & cut, then Saturday, I will spend the day packing, and Sunday, I leave for a whole week on the beautiful Florida beaches! Please PLEASE wish pray and hope for me that the rest of the week will FLY by.

Now on to TOP TWO! This weeks top two picks are TOPS from Love Culture!

Here are my Picks


Retro Sheer Striped Bouse!

This breezy sheer would be near PERFECT for the beach weather! I would LOVE to be packing this cuteness for my beach trip.

NUMBE TWOGlossy Racerback Tank

This tank is SO adorable and for a very VERY great price!

I want BOTH of these items so bad. What Tops or other items from Love Culture are you loving?? Please feel free to share. Also, If you haven't told me your favorite online shops please do so they can be featured on Top Two!

Im off to listen to the rain on the roof.

Bysie B's

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