May 30, 2012

Already Gone.

Can I just be completely honest? My focus for this week is completely gone. My motivation, focus and drive, has already left and is on its way to the Beautiful Florida beaches. It needs a BREAK!

This week has been creeping by and the whole reason why, is because I am SO anxious to be lounging & soaking up the Florida Sun for some much MUCH needed BRIANNA & Family time. I can't WAIT to be on the beach.  I have so much to let go of!!!

I need some good, quiet, peaceful, thinking time. I have a lot to sort out and this upcoming week, is the PERFECT time for me to do that! I never have time during the week to breath or even think or assess my life as it is now. That's NOT good. That will change during my weeks vacation. I will come back completely refreshed and with a new attitude and cleared mind.

I'm off for some rest! I want tomorrow to come and go as quick as possible!! I'm just ready for the beach. That's all.

tootles for now


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