June 1, 2012


Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

I am FINALLY going to get away, and RELAX!

It's BEACH time. I am So excited to be going. I hardly EVER get to really spend time with my parents. I see them on Sunday's usually but thats pretty much it. But NOW I will get to spend an entire week with them! And here are a couple of BONUSES of this week....

An ENTIRE week with one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ladies, Raeghan. She's going with me! YES. Here's what I love about Raeghan and the Beach combo. She LOVES laying out.... Sleeping while laying out, listening to music while laying out, talking while laying out, Reading while laying out. Everything you're supposed to do to get a perfect tan. ALSO, she absolutely LOVES just staying on the beach ALL day. She's one of those that you DONT feel like you have to keep entertained and that is a MUST! So Raeghan and I will be laying out pretty much from sunup to sundown. PERFECT.

Next Bonus, 

I get to see one of my long distance relationships, the lovely Mrs. Tomlin! Ah I can't wait. I saw them about a week and a half ago. They stopped and had a quick subway with me on there way through Birmingham. So that brief sighting only got me even MORE excited to spend time with them while Im in Florida. We are planning to have at least one full beach day, and HOPEFULLY a shopping day! YES:)

Well, today I have A WHOLE LOT to get done. To start, I'm going to the office for maybe an hour or two to finish up some final things before being off for a week. After that a pedi with mom, and a little bit of last minute Vacation shopping. Because come on, who can go on a trip without having at least one new piece of clothing to wear.

Tootles for now cupcakes.


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