April 22, 2010


Hey there pretty friends.

It's Thursday night, and compared to last Thursday night, this one has been rather boring [not to complain or anything]
If you don't know what happened last Thursday night, you can read about that in this post.

Also, another thing that makes me rather sad on this Thursday is that usually on Thursdays I stay at my Nanny and PawPaw's house.
But, this weekend they took a little trip. So, I'm definitely missing them! like SOOO MUCH.

I will probably continue to spend the night with my nanny and pawpaw until I'm forced to quit due to married life! HA, if then:)

I just love staying with them, they are so FUNNY!
Anywho now that I've got my whimpering out of the way,


There are quite a few things that have been inspiring me this week.
My mind is constantly
and I mean CONSTANTLY churning away, collecting and gathering inspirations and thoughts!

It's SO fun but can be overwhelming at times.
This week I've STILL been thinking SO MUCH about Patterened Fabric [last weeks t.g.i.f.]
& also

that has to do with

just in general....sewing has been on my mind a REDICULOUS amount these last couple of days.
Here's the thing, I've been trying to tie up some loose ends on my Final Project for my Critical and Applied Art Theory Class and I have been SERIOUSLY considering throwing a little bit of sewing into the mix.
It's rather exciting!


So, tell me....What has been getting your inspiration turning this week??
Enjoy your night
Tootlie Lou

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Christy said...

I have to literally ground myself from the sewing machine for months at time. Fabrics, buttons, threads, patterns. Oh. The. Beauty! As for what is drawing my thoughts-summer. I'm a teacher, so I'm always looking forward to summer, but with it looming so closely....I'm already envisioning myself turning the alarm clock off and just waking up when I feel like it. I can't wait!

Libbie said...

I never thought of sewing machines as cute before but WOW! These are cute pics! Love them!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to get some more things done thins weekend for Annie's party & get them up next week! Blogging sure does make me get stuff done! I LOVE that!

Hey maybe hubby will just love Paw Paw too :)

Meet Virginia said...

I can only sew for a little at a time, I have like no patience but I am so happy when I have finished!! Good luck!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Jean said...

New follower from Friday Follow:


Liz said...

Happy FF! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! *smile*

I love your blog! Can I just say....I *LOVE* your hair and style! You are adorable! I love the post down below showing the different styles you've had over the years. Life would be boring if we didn't change things up once in awhile, right? Love it! =)

Have a great weekend! ~Liz


JPO said...

Hey Cutie-Pa-Tootie!

Thanks for following my blog -Spilled Milk Saga! I'm following you back.

Love your style, by the way! Super fab!

ashley said...

love the style of your blog, found you on friday follow, follow back!
can't wait to read MORE!!

Anonymous said...

I've really got into knitting. My Gran and Aunties knit and show my how to knit, it's so relaxing. Also I used to sew clothing for my Barbies and dolls.

Love your new blog layout.