April 15, 2010


Hey y'all:)
its thursday which means
I have been REALLY REALLLY inspired by
Fun, Bright, and interesting patterns

They are SO lovely
and make me want to SEW REALLLLLLYYY bad!


you could also use these gorgeous patterns in replace of an old t shirt if you'd like![read post below]
OH and I also realized something this morning.
Most ALWAYS thrift stores have old wooden picture frames, you could also use these in replace of the stretcher bars if that would be easier to access!

What is inspiring you this week??

sweetie peaches

OH one last VERY important thing that is a CHECK off of my Bucket list!
I met the oh so LOVELY
Paula Deen
and yes SHE is as GORGEOUS in person as she is on telly!
and she is SO SWEET and so is her hubby Michael:)
They both signed two of my books!!
a REALLY great night, to say the least.


whitney said...

i am so jealous right now!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

AHHH!!!! lucky you!!!! xoxo

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Those patterns you picked are really cute! Kind of looks like the back of your blog. I really love a touch of a heavy pattern! I think that always looks great. And Paula Deen! So cute, she's so cute. You guys look related.

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...


Boy those patterns sure woke me up this morning! LOL! And hooray for meeting Paula Deen! How cool!

Visiting you from the FF! Hope you'll come visit me too!