December 7, 2016

Half WAY!

Hello Friendy

This stinking deployment is half way over and I have never been so happy in my life to be on the downhill slope of something! These past two months I've been feeling a little like I am wishing my life away. But to be honest, I am 100% okay with it. Me and my boys just want Aaron HOME! He really does make this house feel like home and life just isn't complete without him.

I've been making sure to keep myself busy, because sitting at home only makes the time pass way too slowly. So here are a list of the things I've been doing lately to keep myself going non-stop.

Every day for the past two months after work, I have been kicking tail at the gym. I want to feel and be the best version of myself that I can be for our wedding, which is very quickly approaching. 
I not only have been at the gym non-stop for myself but also for my friend Kahlie who is also kicking tail doing her best to lose at least 50 lbs before our guys get back. I am so so proud to say that so far she is 22 {if not more} LBS down. How awesome is that? It's awesome to see someone set a goal and do everything in their power to make sure they reach it. I love seeing it happen and I cannot wait to see how far Kahlie has come along at the end of these next two months. Maybe, just Maybe Mrs. Kahlie will let me post a before and after at the end!!

I have also been obviously working on wedding stuff! Planning a wedding is stressful sometimes. I am so terrified I am forgetting to plan a part that is so obvious. Ha! I knew that planning a wedding was going to be a lot but sometimes I think I would ignore the fact that its really hard to do all on your own. But at the end of my wedding day as long as I get to wear my beautiful dress and I get to be married to the man of my dreams, honestly I don't care what else happens! Oh, I would also like for my family to be there haha and I hope Aaron's Texas people can come too. 

Our wedding planning so far has gone very smooth. Last weekend I got the invitations from the oh so amazing LEDGEWOOD FINE STATIONERY and I am completely obsessed with them. They are so stunning and I cannot wait for all of the people that I am able to invite to get them in the mail. Also, if you got a Save The Date, they were also designed by Frances of LFS. They were so perfect.

I have also been keeping busy by cleaning our house a lot and decorating it little by little. I love our home so much and if you know me, you know I love interior spaces. So, its important to me that our house looks and feels stylish, all while feeling like H O M E.  Soon enough when I get everything how I want it to be, I will be doing a "home tour" type of thing. I can't wait to show you all our house. It's such a blessing. I am in L O V E with everything about our very first home and it is way more than I ever could have prayed, hoped, wished or begged for. I am so thankful!!

Anywho, those are just a few of the things that I have been doing lately to keep my mind off of my sweet man being gone! What has been keeping you busy this holiday season?

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