December 25, 2016


Holidays are hard when the only person that you want to spend it with is halfway around the globe. This year honestly sucks, s u p e r  BAD. Not just because Aaron is gone, but because there are other health issues going on in my family that makes Christmas just not the all. NOT EVEN CLOSE. And its sad, really sad to be honest.

But, its important to keep telling myself and reminding myself that Christmas isn't about the people you spend it with. It isn't about the family traditions that we all have and look so forward to each year. It isn't about the lights or the decorations or the presents. Its about how God sent his Son to this earth. Its about Jesus being born to save us. Its all about Him and because of him even though this is a difficult Christmas, we all will find Joy knowing that in Him we will find peace.

I surely can't wait to have Aaron back home with us and maybe just maybe next years Holidays, he will be with his family! Please remember him and all of the other men and women serving our country this Christmas! I LOVE YOU AARON EVANS!! Although I miss you and would do anything for you to be with us, I know you are fulfilling God's purpose for your life and I am SO PROUD of you!

Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope this year for you is the best one yet!! 
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