November 15, 2016

Bachelorette Weekend

Hi Loves!!

I hope everything is going great your way. Everything is pretty good here, minus the fact that I desperately need the weeks to speed up and I need the love of my life HOME!

This past weekend was my wonderful Bachelorette Weekend. I got to spend some much needed time with all the ladies who will be standing by my side on mine and Aaron's big day! 

My best friend Frances really out did herself with ALL of the wonderful stationery items she made and her and Kahlie did an amazing job decorating the Condo. So the condo we stayed in was found by Kahlie on Home Away. She NAILED it. The condo was the most gorgeous place I have ever been in my entire life. The part that overlooks the entire ocean was solid floor to ceiling glass. It had the most open and most gorgeous view of the beach. It was so nice watching the sun come up those few mornings we were there. My only complaint about the trip is how short it was! 

Here are a few photos from our weekend!
We made a pitstop at Priester Pecan....This place is like Cracker Barrel on steroids!

Y'all I'm getting a Hubby soon!!! CANT WAIT! I miss you Aaron :(

Frances knows my obsession with Stadium Cups! LOVE these so much!!! Love love love!

BESTIE, you totally outdid yourself. Thank you for EVERYTHING that you did for Me! It meant the world to me. 

This was the "side windows view" SOOO gorgeous! So this glass wrapped around all the way to the front part of the condo that overlooked the entire beach. 

Frances and Sadie enjoying the sun!

 Love my Raegy and Lyssa Lou!

Before we went out for dinner that night, each one of my bridesmaids had gotten me a small gift. They were so sweet. Also Frances had a game ready for me to play! She had asked Aaron I think 22ish questions and I had to guess how he answered them. That was an interesting game to say the least! Haha...Also the last question made me cry because I have the most sweetest human being in the world that seriously loves me unconditionally and with every fiber of his being. He's seriously amazing. So anyway I ended up crying because I am SO incredibly blessed to get to call this man my husband!

My lovely ladies!

 My lovely Wedding coordinator! 

On the way home, you know we had to stop at peach park for some homemade ice cream. The last bad round before its back to hard work at the gym! On the mission to get my nice toned wedding arms. Please send all prayers and good vibes towards me and my wedding arms! Haha ;) I need them to look GOOD!!

Thank you all for stopping by and having a peek into my weekend! 
Bye for now!

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