July 28, 2016

Planning Away

Hi Loves!!

Since being engaged, everything seems like a whirlwind. I want time to slow down a bit. I don't want these next two months with Aaron to zoom by. I dread him being gone for 4 months and I want to do most of the planning with him here so he can be involved. On the bright side of it all, when he gets back, its just a few weeks left until we are married! 

I love love loved my family being such a big part in this and helping us plan!!

We have decided to get married on Saturday, March 25th. Gosh, it will be here before we know it! It makes my heart so incredibly happy! We have planned a lot so far. We've got our venue! We know who we will be using for catering...YUM! We know the colors we will use! We are currently looking for someone who can handle all of the entertainment at the reception, which is going to be WAY too much fun. We are actually meeting with someone after work on Monday!

Yesterday, I went and tried on some dresses. I was a little down because last Sunday I went as well and just didn't find anything that WOWED me! So, yesterday I finally found two that really made me feel like Aaron's Bride <3 After much thought, listing out pros and cons, trying to envision myself in each dress, there was one that I just couldn't walk away from. So today I have made my final decision on the dress that I will be come Mrs. Evans in! HOLY COW! 

Y'all I seriously can't wait to marry the man that far exceeds my dreams! 
Bye Now


Erin B said...

eeeek how exciting!! and congratulations on your engagement! I got engaged in April this year but our wedding isnt till 2018. I wish it was sooner but I need to finish my degree first, and anyways it certainly hasn't stopped me planning! We've already booked our venue and photographer haha! Look forward to more posts :)
ps. gorgeous ring!!

Erin | Little Bateaux

Kandice Poirier said...

girl, I cannot wait to see that dress! I don't know anyone in this world more beautiful than you, I can't imagine the perfection you will be in a wedding dress!! big hugs!!