May 20, 2016

Fake Companies?

Hi Loves!!

I was just web browsing while working down my first cup of coffee for this morning. This is what I do while I attempt to wake up and become mentally ready for the gym! It really does help LOADS when I see all of these amazing pieces of clothing/swimwear. Its such a motivator thinking, MAN I want to look GOOD in that. 

So I come across this site called Zaful. And Hello, look up there! There are some STUNNING options and that just on the first page. Not only that, the prices are incredibly low. So I'm looking and then I start thinking, this has just got to be too good to be true! My little fashion loving heart is jumping around like its on some sort of high, only to be crushed immediately.

So then I look up reviews for this website and of course all of them are terrible. Most of the reviews people say after months their purchases never even arrived. And when they tried to contact Customer Service...nothing. They couldn't get anyone. 

For real? How to companies like this get away with this? Have any of you ever had an experience like this with a random online company? I want these BAD. They are incredible. 
If anyone knows an actual legit site where I can buy something similar, do share!

That is all for today. Oh one last thing, I am SO excited for the weekend!!

Bye now

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