February 23, 2016

Head Pains

Hi!!! It's Tuesday and its supposed to be a stormy day here in Birmingham, AL. These kind of days are the days you just want to wrap up in a blanket, snuggle up with either your dog or your significant other, or both... and just watch Netflix all day.

It's very rare that I want to do nothing. I am constantly on the go and never miss a beat. However, yesterday I had a migraine that hit me like a ton of bricks and came out of nowhere. I toughed it out as long as I could but eventually just felt so ridiculously sick. It was too much. I have a very high pain tolerance, so when something is hurting so bad that it makes me nauseated, its serious. I just needed the couch and quiet darkness. So today, I'm feeling a little bit of fatigue I guess from how exhausting my migraine spell was yesterday. Have you ever struggled with Migraines? If so, what's your cure? Are you on a prescription or do you take over-the-counter meds? Have you seen those ear piercings that are floating around that claim to completely rid you of Migraines? I would love to here any tricks for zapping those mean dirty things OR if you have tested out the ear piercing method, I would LOVE to know!

Here are my top two methods for Migraine Cures!

If I haven't had enough food intake for the day, I will get a migraine! Sometimes however, when you've waited too late, the migraine can be incredibly nauseating, so the problem is that any food at all sounds horrible. If I'm at this point, I usually will take some medicine and force myself to eat some sort of bread (Tortilla's are my fave!!) Bread always seams to cure things for me...Maybe I just love bread a whole lot!

SLEEP. I don't require a lot of sleep each night. I think this is where my problem is. I think eventually the hours catch up to me and it all hits me out of nowhere. I don't require many hours of sleep to function....until the day it all comes crashing down on me. This is why I need to make sleep more of a priority in my life. Although my body may not need it every day, in the long run, its better to just go a head and get those hours in, rather than crashing and burning later on!! 

Some other things that can cause migraines for me are crying too much (ha!) and dehydration...I'm SO guilty of not drinking enough!

I hope you find my top two tips useful!
Bye now

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Tara Russell said...

I have migraines severely! I had them worse before I got glasses and just ruled it to be couldn't see and on a computer all day for work. Once I got glasses they seemed to ease up but now I'm back to having them pretty often. I think some of mine is due to stress or as you mentioned the food and sleep. I most the time literally can take Dollar Generals brand of extra strength headache relief and drink a Coke and it does pretty good to knock it out or make it manageable if its real bad my only option is a dark quiet room and sleep. I have wondered about the piercing as well cause if it works I would for sure try it!