February 25, 2016

Finding your FIT!

You guys, SUMMER is right around the corner. And I am s t o k e d about it. I'm a summer time gal. I need to be in a climate that is at least 65 and above year around...preferably around 70ish! I love the sun, the breeze, my golden skin, bare feet and legs. 

Its about this time every year that **most** people start watching what they eat and start getting a little bit more time at the gym and yes I've been one of those people in the past. However, it has felt really amazing this year. A few days ago I was looking at my calendar and I thought HOLY COW I have to start getting ready for summer time! Then I realized....wait a sec B, you've worked hard since last august to get where you are. Don't harass yourself for unnecessary reasons!

You all know that I have always been a super active lady. I love the gym. I love working out. I love being a licensed Body Flow instructor. I love healthy eating. It's all really therapeutic and you feel amazing and accomplished after a good hard workout! I have had some form of an active life consistently for the past six years! But for the past six years, I had no idea what worked for MY body. Obviously yoga and Tai Chi do wonders for mostly anyone and I have seen my flexibility and balance progress drastically over the last few years. I have spent loads of time doing cardio thinking that would shed the lbs I didn't want....nope! Didn't work for me! I have severely restricted my eating...nope! This way was a huge idiotic mistake that my body will probably see negative effects from for years to come. I have completed and loved doing the "Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide". The transformations I've seen people have doing her guide are crazy good! But guess what friends...It didn't work for my body...and I followed it religiously. My mom can vouch for me on that one! I have taken Body Pump classes, Body Attack classes, HIIT classes. And yes those all have wonderful results on some people! I always felt great after those classes, but never saw the results I wanted to see. I think the negative side of that was that if there isn't a group class offered at a time that is convenient for you, then you can't go and you miss out! 
Everyone's body is different and responds to things differently! SO, get active people. Go on a mad search to find what works for your body. YES it will take time but its a lot of fun along the way! For me, it was lifting weights, paired with cardio and making sure that I EAT ENOUGH FOOD! I have seen my body change drastically over the last six months and I have found that thing that works for me. It takes time, consistency, dedication and really really hard work! I love knowing now where I need to spend my active energy. It took me a good while to find it. I also have to give a LOT of the credit to Aaron. He's helped me a lot with this and helped me understand all of it. He pushes me and makes me work harder every single time we step into the gym. AND YES!!! I complain, but I love him for seeing my potential. I never struggled with being ACTIVE...it was just finding that combination of things that really worked for MY body!
Here's to finding what works for YOU!
Bye now 

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