February 28, 2016

Moving Forward

Hi there!!
I hope your Sunday is going by beautifully.

First of all, I want to let you know that the lives of people that you see on the internet, aren't their REAL lives. Yes they are parts of their lives that appear to be incredible and in those moments I'm sure they are absolutely incredible. But, those bloggers, stylists, artists (whoever it is that you look to for inspiration) that you see are only the sides of them that they want to be shown! Everyone has struggles, everyone has bad days. But just remember that when you're seeing someones life unfold online. Its only the good parts you are seeing!!

So, now on to my post. Two years ago or so I was k n o w n by many to be that positive girl. The girl that always looked at the glass half full rather than empty. I was encouraging to others. I was a light to a lot of peoples darkness. AND I STILL AM all of those things. However, I have recently started letting doubt, negativity and self-hate tear me down one day at a time. 

Well NOT TODAY my friend, N O T  T O D A Y.
One day last week I realized what has slowly been weighing me down and taking that positivity away from me. It's called the PAST. I've been dwelling on something that I loved, something that I was passionate about that was sadly "taken away" from me. I've been constantly comparing my current career to what I've had in the past and only standing in my own way. It has slowly, day by day, made me feel like I have nothing to offer this world we live in. And that is SO FAR from the truth. I  know better than that. I have a lot of good, a lot of creativity, a lot of positivity and so much more to offer this world. I am refocusing my energy to all things positive. NO, not living in a fantasy world where everything is rainbows and happiness. But rather than being my own worst enemy, I'm going to love myself and the talents that I've been given and I am going to U S E them. 

You really have to let go at some point in order to move forward. 
It's been a GREAT realization by talking things out loud. If you ever feel like you're getting lost in some sort of gray area here's what you do!!! PRAY about it first of all, then grab someone that you know will hear you out, someone you know sees your true potential, someone that pushes you to be better and someone that loves you! Talk it out loud with them! If you can't think of anyone feel FREE to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to be a listening ear and someone you can count on! 

Thanks for reading loves.
Hope it hit a sweet spot for you.

Bye now

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