December 25, 2015


This year has been such a wonderful one and lucky for me I still have a little over a week of celebrating Christmas and then the new year. My Pawpaw is taking us all on a 7 day cruise.
We are leaving tomorrow for New Orleans and then Sunday to Cozumel, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. We will also be celebrating NEW YEARS on the ship!!!
Think I'm excited much?!?! OH YES I AM. 
I am absolutely ecstatic to spend a week somewhere tropical. But Im more excited about spending an entire week with my f a m i l y doing nothing but having fun and making some seriously awesome memories. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas.
I have spent mine with my family and my handsome man.
Here are some photos from Christmas Festivities. 


Yall...I got a gun! Yeahhhhhhh and I LOVE it.   
Me, Aaron, our friend Steven, my Brother, Mom, Dad and neighbor Britt all went shooting yesterday afternoon. I learned a lot and more importantly conquered one of the few fears I have. Well actually one of the two. I am {was} afraid of guns and snakes. But now only snakes...but I will now shoot you in the head snake if you come after me, so you better watch it.

 I had a pretty blue eyed teacher:)
and my dad of course!! 
And my brother is seriously obsessed with guns and a pro! haha
Here are a few photos from today!!!

I have such a wonderful family...on BOTH sides. Its totally awesome. A lot of people aren't lucky enough to say that, but I am so incredibly thankful that I can.
I hope that everyone in both sides of my family know that I truly cherish them and love them. I think that goes unsaid, and they all know that, but just in case!! I really believe that God has given the most amazing family in the world. Aside from a few, I really wouldnt trade most of them for anything. hahahhaaa!

This year, I am so SO thankful that Aaron {and Bucky} came into my life and I got to spend Christmas with my absolute favorite human being in the universe. He's such an amazing person. His smile brightens every single day of mine and he really adds so much to this life. He gets me and loves me despite my flaws. I'm so thankful we decided to be friends, Mr. Evans.
One day, I'll share our little story on my blog. But not today;) 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Don't forget what the real meaning of this season is. I'm so so thankful God sent his son to this earth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!

Bye now

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