December 15, 2015

A Christmas Car Wishlist

Hi there!
I hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Mine sure has been. I can NOT believe that next Friday is Christmas. That is insane....and on top of that, it's 70 degrees in good ole Alabama. 
I am not complaining about that. You all know I'm obsessed with warm weather and despise winter.

So, since I've done a few Christmas Wishlist sort of posts, I figured, well...a car list sure wont hurt. Plus, I'm obsessed with vehicles and can pretty much name every single one on the road. That's what happens when your family owns an auto business. It's sort of just in your blood I guess.

I've only ever driven Toyota's. My first car was a beautiful 1991 Toyota Celica GTS and I loved that little car. It also was sporty, small and super sleek; the cutest little sports car around. I cried from the seat of my brand new xB when I watched its new owner drive it away from my parents drive way.  My Scion is also made by Toyota...So, that's all I know. They are cars that last forever! I know that for a fact. So purchasing outside of what I am confident in, makes me nervous. BUT, I have to say, I am really disappointed in the current selection from Toyota right now. I know Camry's are great cars, but that isn't a vehicle I want. Not even in the least bit. 4-Runners are sweet, but guess what, I don't want that gas mileage. And to be honest, I think all the rest of the options are too mini van borderline. Any Lexus, also made by Toyota, I would gladly take if I wanted a super expensive car payment. Thanks, but no thanks! Scion, I would LOVE a brand new xB, but I actually prefer my boxier body style, than the newer rounded models. 

So here they are. A few cars that I have my eye on right now for when it's time to say goodbye to my little Theodore Millie (my current vehicle, my Scion xB). I honestly dont ever want to get rid of her, but one day....probably sooner rather than later, I'm going to have to let go of her.

A few months back, I was OBSESSED with this car. 
A Subaru BRZ. O B S E S S E D. It's a car you don't see too often around here. So, naturally, I wanted it. Plus it's sporty, small, and super sleek just like my first little car. Also, it doesn't hurt that it can zip around pretty quickly. Then someone so sweetly pointed out to me, that a tiny little sports car isn't very practical taking into consideration that I am 27 and most likely within the next decade {surely to goodness} will have a family and getting a cute kid in and out of a sports car wont be fun. Not to mention the seats in the back of the BRZ are pretty much non-existent.  

So, here are my new options for more future focused practicality. 
 Subaru Crosstrek

Mazda CX5

Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude
Mazda 3 {5 door only...AKA Hatchback}

Mazda CX3

Subara Outback

Hyundai Tucson Sport 

Please note, if I were to get any of these cars, they would only be in Black, White, or a Gunmetal Color. You all know by now how I feel about colors!!! So, if I'm picking by looks alone, and complete BadA-ness, I would have to immediately pick the Jeep Grand Cherokee.....and it would have to look identical to the image above, completely blacked out and it MUST have those black wheels. But, my only concern with that is, I have been completely spoiled with my Theodore Millie {xB} on gas mileage. She totally rocks. I can drive far far far, and for over a week on a $19 full tank of gasoline. Totally spoiled here. So, honestly my biggest concern is gas mileage. 

I'm obsessed with all Subarus. I have been for a LONG time simply because the Subaru WRX is an insanely amazing vehicle. Then my mom got an Impreza a few years back and it's been a great car for her. So after spending a lot of time building my own, I actually can't wait to go test both the Outback and Crosstrek. I've only ever ridden around in a Mazda and Hyundai a handful of times, so I really know nothing about the ride, reliability or lifespan of them. I guess I'll see how I feel after a test drive of all of these little babies. Wooo hoooo all the fun of being an adult, right?

I hope you enjoyed my little list of cars.

Bye now

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