November 10, 2015

Can time slow down?

Hi Friends!!
I got a new planner a few days ago. It's super pretty and looks like watercolor flowers. 
I was at Barnes & Noble and had two planners in my hand. The one you see below, and a turquoise one with a Damask sort of print on it. I'm the most indecisive human being on the planet, so I asked Aaron for help on choosing. He responded with, "The turquoise one is nice...., but you should get that Watercolor looking one." It put the biggest smile on my face simply because he said watercolor and it was the correct term. Made my little artist heart so happy!!!

Today I spent a little bit of time adding important things to my cute little planner and for some reason I got this really sad feeling. Days are just flying by. I dread the holidays coming and going so quickly. I feel like we are just so insanely busy during this time of year, that we just forget how to enjoy it and really remember what its all about. 

These next few months I want to come to a screeching halt. I don't want them to zoom by. I want to make every memory I can and make time pass slowly. And the only way I've figure out how to do that is to be wholeheartedly and completely in each moment, being completely present in the now.  

So, with that being said, who wants to join me in making sure that we enjoy this time of year....and I mean really enjoy it. Be completely in the moments that you're put in. Don't spend your holidays with close family and friends, and halfheartedly being there with your mind a million miles away on all of the things you should be doing. We all have lists of things we need/could/should do. But actually BE THERE, body & mind!! You might be missing out on things that might not be there the following year. Embrace the holidays, embrace every single moment of it, embrace the people you love most, and don't give them half of your attention. Give them all of it and most of all ENJOY doing it!

Please please please slow down. 
then can we just skip over the end of January and go straight to June. 

Thanks for stopping by, 

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