November 14, 2015


I still have a heavy heart today after watching all of the hatred in this world. 
 You may think I'm ignorant for this, but I have a confession to make. I don't watch the news. I don't keep up with politics. I hardly ever know what is going on in the world, simply for the fact that its all twisted and disheartening. It honestly makes me feel like I start to live my life in fear. Which is not the way I want to live my life everyday. There is good that goes on in the world, however its overlooked and washed out by the loads of negativity, hatred and evil. I do feel like I should be more knowledgeable sometimes, but the truth is that I feel like all it does for me is builds up fear, builds up walls and makes me stereotype others and truly stands in the way of love.

I was made to love. Simple as that. If I'm constantly living in fear, judging and stereotyping how am I supposed to live my life in love. I'm not saying this is how everyone should live, this is just for me.  BUT what I am saying is that people have no idea how rewarding it is to live a life of love. To simply love people and show love to others rather than hate. The love you give to others is returned to you in such a greater volume that its overwhelming at times. We were made to L O V E, to be rooted and grounded in absolute pure, whole LOVE.  I wish people could grasp that and see how it changes their life, the peoples lives around them, and this entire world.

My heart is heavy for Paris and everyone who lost a loved one, a friend, a companion. Its so heartbreaking. SHOW LOVE PEOPLE. You never know what the person you come in contact with is going through.

Bye for now,

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